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Guild Rules
Rednex Rules

First and Foremost our Faction’s name is Rednex NOT Rednecks!
*We Are Not Racist In Anyway and Will NOT Tolerate Racism in Game.

RULE #1:

Respect each other IN and OUT of Faction:

1. We have our fun in Faction chat, yet at times it gets out of hand which can be offensive to other players. Try to keep in mind that there are people of different ages and personality, not all may like what is being said. So please before you type anything THINK, if it slips out APOLOGIZE.

Things That May Be Considered Offensive:

Racism – Plz Don’t Talk About People of Different Races *May Cause A Fac. Chat Riot*
Religion – Plz Don’t Talk About Your Thoughts On Any Religion *May Cause A Fac. Chat Riot*
Politics – Plz Don’t Talk About Your Thought In Any Politics *May Cause A Fac. Chat Riot*
Sexism – Plz Don’t Talk About Which Sex is Better
Family – Plz Don’t Talk about People’s Family –Don’t “Your Momma” Anyone- its Disrespectful!!

2. We enjoy our Pervs of Rednex but don’t go over board and post links of disturbing sexual contents. There are underage children playing and with their mind capacities they will end up watching that link.
*Minimize the Naughtiness – NOT THAT MUCH – Or Else We Wouldn’t Be Rednex*

3. Most Importantly: Please Keep Your Personal Life Out of Faction Chat. I know you may feel like ranting but faction chat is not the place. It is not OUR Business to even know your problems. We don’t care!! This is a Place to Have FUN and Get Away from Personal Crap so Plz I repeat again KEEP UR PERSONAL LIFE OUT OF FACTION CHAT!!!

We want to attract people and spread the word of how freaking awesome we are and in order to do that we must treat other players with the same respect as in faction.
*So All the Above Rules Should Also Be Applied Outside of Faction*

4. When in Squad With Other Players Plz Treat Each with Respect Even Though Some May Be Jackasses or Things may not go as planned , just breathe take a chill pill and relax the situation will be over and then everyone will go to their separate ways.

5. DO NOT go off stealing other player’s property and/ or ripping them off. Also DO NOT PK anyone in or out of faction without them knowing. I bet you would be mad if someone PK’ed you, especially if your name is red and you end up losing gear.

Rule # 2:

Don’t Ignore People In Faction Chat:

1. When Someone is Invited to Faction Welcome Them

2. When Someone Says “Hi, Guys” Welcome Them

3. If Someone ask for help, respond to them even if you aren’t able to help

It’s Important for everyone to feel that they are part of a Great Family plus we want to keep faction chat ALIVE. :-P

Rule #3:

Helping Your Fellow Faction Mates:

1. When someone asks for help *if you are free* Plz. Help them out you don’t have to be the same lvl to help each other out.

2. If there are other Ppl in faction that are the same lvl as you Plz speak with them, make a group to help each other out in quests.

3. Our Officers are not here to help you with questing. UNLESS if the quest is really hard and you died more than 3 times and cannot find someone outside of faction around your area then we may help you with that quest only.

Our Officers Are Mainly To Help You with Quest Bosses, Cultivation Bosses, FB, BH and TT also to provide you with knowledge of something you may not know.

4. When You Are Asking for Help Plz.Don’t Spam Faction Chat for help. If no one answers it’s probably bcuz they are busy. So Plz Ask again at a later time, someone will eventually help you.

If you need a Boss, TT Matts, FB, or BH Plz check out our site, there are forums for you to post what you need and we can set up a group for you to get what you need.


No Spam Begging in Faction Chat for Money or Gear

1. Plz. Do Not Spam Faction chat begging for money or gear. If you need money then you can grind just like everyone else does. Now if you need gear we may hold some gears and TT Matts in our faction banks.

2. Plz. Don’t Spam things that you are trying to sell in faction chat Ex.
WTS [Charm Bracelet] Any Offers” This is NOT WORLD CHAT. If you want to sell some of your things then make a Cat Shop and Tell us “Hey I’m Selling a Few Stuff Come Check it out” and provide us with your coordinates. We are trying to clean up Faction Chat so that we can see Ppl that are asking for help and not ignore them.

Well I think that about covers it. But Of course, if any of these rules are broken you will be given 1 warnings to correct yourself. After that you will get no more chances and will be Booted from the Faction.
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